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Sharing the ups and downs of Down Syndrome
Simply Complicated Living
Beverly Anderson

BigFoot 2021

This is a long one. Get some popcorn or a warm drink and settle in for the Big Update. BigFoot For me, the name conjures up that of a rather enormous historical creature clouded in secrecy.  Often considered mysterious and scary, this living thing is thought to pose a threat

Beverly Anderson

PanDammit Perspective 2020

Perspective ShiftsMy father signed his memoir with a scrabble code which spelled “P E R S P E C T I V E.” His point was that Perspective is one of the most important qualities to hold close to your heart as you navigate adulthood. COVID-19, much like 9-11, will

Beverly Anderson

Peace. Love. Joy. 2019

Nathan introduced her to us last spring. She comes from a loving home in Missouri. Quiet-natured like Nathan, their personalities complement each other.  Nathan has brought girls home before, but this time was different. Her name is Ashwin.  She’s drop-dead-gorgeous and she’s a Miniature American Shephard who has

Beverly Anderson

What's up? 2016-17

Said the tree fort to the little squirrel Do you see what I see? Way up in the sky, little squirrel Do you see what I see? A drone, a drone soaring way above With the An-der-sons in it’s lens With the An-der-sons in it’s lens Said sweet

Beverly Anderson

The Ambiguous Andersons: The sign of Life in 2015

As I read the four descriptors of “Ambiguous” quoted from, I am reminded that no matter how much we may want to plan life or know THE answers; often the richness of life happens in the varying interpretations or reactions to the Signs along the way. Ambiguity descriptor